Consultant or Tradesman for Owner-Builders

Are you an owner-builder? Are you uncertain about your legal rights and obligations? Not sure who to trust? Then let Southside Renovations provide you with expert industry advice, and a range of high-calibre professional services. You won’t be disappointed; our reputation is built on exceptional craftsmanship, customer service, quality and compliance.

We are fully-licensed builders and can help you meet all local council regulatory obligations and building permit requirements and uphold health and safety standards. We will even make sure that the finished product meets all building codes. Southside Renovations takes the hassle out of owner-builder projects.

We specialise in luxury, high-end constructions, particularly waterfront and coastal properties. We understand the unique challenges that these types of properties present, from harsh sea breezes through to corrosion and rust caused by salt-water. Above all, Southside Renovations has the expertise you need to keep your build on track no matter what happens.

Why Choose Southside Renovations?

  • Our exceptional customer service: We are professional, reliable and honest. We ensure that you and your family are as comfortable as possible throughout construction. We work closely with you to ensure that your renovation is seamlessly straight-forward and stress-free.

  • Our superior workmanship: Our attention-to-detail is second to none. We believe that it’s the little things that turn a good home renovation, into an amazing one. We make it our mission to pay attention to all those little things.

  • Our cost effective home renovation and construction solutions: We never compromise on quality, and use superior materials, yet still deliver competitive pricing for all our home renovations and constructions. Best of all, we deliver home renovations on time, and on budget.

  • Our industry experience: The breadth of our technical knowledge, and building and carpentry skills, combined with our understanding of Sydney’s local property market, ensures a successful home renovation every time.